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Sump Pump In A Basement

Don’t take risks — manage them. Prepare in advance, and make sure everything stays ready. If one of those risks is a flooded basement or crawlspace, you need a properly working sump pump to keep you stay high and dry. We’re the local experts in sump pump repair, sump pump replacement, and sump pump installation.

You may have become complacent with the Southern California area climate. But don’t forget thunderstorms and those infamous flash floods. They can suddenly and unexpectedly turn into extensive water damage to flooring, furniture, and much more. Don’t have anything in the basement? What about appliances? And any dampness there can lead to mold and mildew, there and in all the rooms above.

Renowned Plumbing provides affordable sump pump repair and installation services to all Southern California areas. Schedule an appointment today.

Landscaping should be graded so that rainfall flows away from the foundation. Even then a downpour can lead to seepage if not a deluge from any break in a basement’s sealing. A burst water heater or broken pipe can also flood in a matter of minutes. Sump pumps take care of that. Actually, it involves more than just a pump. There’s the sump itself (more commonly called a pit or basin), a float sensor and controller, a discharge line, and (ideally) a battery backup. There are two main types of assembly.

  • Submersible Placed within the pit they operate under water. With water cooling, they’re more energy efficient and completely sealed they’re longer lasting. But they are more expensive.
  • Pedestal Mounted These are less expensive as well as easier to install and maintain. But they are a bit of an eyesore, and a bit noisier.

Did You Know? Heavy mineral deposits inside water heaters can increase their energy use by up to 25%.

Sump Pump Maintenance

It’s easy to forget about appliances you rarely if ever use. But a sump pump is one you absolutely want working properly should you ever need it. An annual professional inspection is a good idea. You can also do a quick inspection and test yourself. That’s an especially good idea when there’s a forecast of a major storm. First, take a look to see that there’s no debris that might cause a clog. Then check that electrical and mechanical connections are in good condition. Pour 2-3 gallons of water into the sump pit. If the pump doesn’t turn on and eliminate the water in well under 5 minutes you have a problem. Additionally, there should be no unusual sounds or vibration.


Our sump pump services are handled by expert troubleshooters. Whether it’s just a clog or a burnt out motor they’ll quickly diagnose the problem and go straight to the right repair. Other common problems include a failed sensor (with the motor either not turning on or running constantly), loose or corroded electrical connections, buzzing or grinding bearings, and foul odors from the pit or sump discharge.


If there’s been serious damage or extensive wear and tear, our plumbing repair specialists are experienced in sump pump replacement. Leading brands include Goulds, Little Giant, and Zoeller.

Installing Sump Pumps

We’re also ready to install a new sump pump system of just the right size for your home or business. That includes locating a roughly 3-foot gravel pit near where water is likely to enter (but not too close to the exterior foundation) as well as proper connection to a sewer or a separate discharge line, as local regulations require.

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